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Beach Clean Up Day – April 30, 2016

The beach committee is organizing a beach clean up day and welcomes all of you to join us. We will meet at noon at the beach and there will be refreshments.

Listed below are some of the tasks we hope to accomplish and the tools we will need:

  • to prune and remove brush, stray limbs, saplings and small locust trees on both sides of the  roadway.
  • to rake and reseed the center “grassy” meridian.
  • to even out the roadway with san
  • to dispose of garbage and obsolete things like the float and stray rusted machinery

We have the seed and stacks, please bring rakes. We will need town bags and garbage bins, chain saws and pruners and trucks,  a small plow or tractor would be a great help.

This will also be an opportunity to discuss other ideas for improving the beach area  such as

  • building a rack for kayaks and small boats
  • purchasing a new floating dock for the swim area

Let us know if you can help at SouthFerryHills@gmail.com

The new bulkhead looking from the west beach. Photo by Jill Moser